Argus Technology Center

Procurement, Integration & Deployment

Deployment Services

  • Fast, Easy, Web Based Order Fulfillment (Next Day in Most Cases)
  • High Quality Packaging for Shipment
  • Fulfill Pick and Ship Requests
  • Exchange/Repair Services
  • Delivery Services

Inventory Services

  • Recieve and Inventory Assets
  • Secure, Climate Controlled Technology Center
  • Web Based Ordering and Reports
  • Customizable On-Line Inventory Management
  • Procurement Coordination

Integration Services

  • Image Development Support
  • Image Loading
  • Application Loading
  • Client Specific Configuration and Setting
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Burn In and Test
  • Secure Dedicated Imaging Facility (SDIF) Capable
  • Warranty/Non-Warranty Repair

Health Care – New Asset Roll-out

A Health Care Provider needed 1230 new computers provisioned and rolled-out to users across two new buildings, including receiving and asset management, imaging and configuration and installation of new assets.

Health Care – Asset Refresh

A Large hospital in Texas needed an IT asset refresh cycle that would replace 33% of the hospitals 4500 computers, including a Secure and Green® solution for their assets to be retired.

Health Care - Network Migration

A major Health Care provider needed help with a time sensitive migration to a new network. In less than 48 hours Argus led and executed a flawless implementation across multiple cities to the clients delight.