Secure, Proven & Environmentally Safe Process

Destruction, Broker, Recycling, and Environmentally Friendly

Argus will tailor shipment security to meet your requirements. Examples of typical solutions currently used by our clients are:

Level 1 – You ship us your PCs and/or Hard Drives or other data media using your current carriers or arrange for Argus to provide our standard equipment recovery service. Once we receive the equipment the hard drives will be physically shredded and disposal certificates issued for the shipment lot.

Level 2 – To assure a higher level of security for your data we can provide point to point shipment of your disposal equipment to the Argus Technology Center for Hard Drive shredding, data destruction and proper disposal of all your technology assets.

Level 3 - Utilize our “Secure Data Containers” with keyed locks and serialized seals for your storage media. This, combined with the point to point shipment, and your data will receive the maximum protection during shipment.

Level 4 – On-Site shredding of Hard Drives and other Data Media.

Government – Secure Asset Destruction

A Major Government entity needed a trusted vendor to securely receive and destroy 500 “Classified Government Encryption Devices” and their associated hard drives, using a documented and environmentally friendly process.

Government – Secure Asset Destruction & Recycle

The US Department of Homeland Security needed a proven vendor to manage the destruction of 14,000 lbs. of “Sensitive Technology Equipment” in one day, with all of the shredded material sent to local recyclers

Charities – Asset Repurposing

Clients of the local Battered Women’s Foundation (BWF) needed computer tools and resources to help rebuild lives for themselves and their children.